Talking with ART to CHARM

About the celebration of connection with those you love.

Ooooh that scrumptious feeling you get when you remember those tiny feet that nestled into the palm of your hand.

Remember those delightful warm fuzzies, that smell, that place in time when you fell in love.

Do you remember hearing those tiny little feet running down the hallway to your room to you for you a snuggle.

Our children rocked our world from the moment they came along.

My goodness time goes so fast! You can see just how fast when you see me with my gorgeous boys that are so big now.

How good would it be to have those little footprints as reminders of where they have come from? Just how much they’ve grown?

What do you treasure now, that you wish to remember in the future?

Each day I bring those images and emotions to life. I give them a platform to grow, shaping the feelings you have.

The jewellery that we create is so personalised, so special and individual that you’ll have everyone talking about it.

I absolutely love taking your children’s artworks including hand or footprints, drawings, names or dates and then carefully recreating them by hand on Sterling Silver Personalised Jewellery.

Creating based on your love for your family, the love for your child, a bond so strong showing family means everything to you.

Imagine how proud your children would feel to see you wearing something they drew. A little part of them that you publicly celebrate and share with the world.

Enjoy looking back on how far they’ve come.

Show them off, feel proud.

Art is meant to be on show!

It’s really a simple concept to take something you love and turn it into something you can treasure for ever.

Don’t keep that gorgeous ART hidden in a draw where nobody can enjoy it.

Take the next step and put it out for all to see. Make your kids proud of something they’ve created and make it even more magic.

Working with me one on one.

Handmade to order

All orders are hand made. Not one is like the next which is how I can deliver exactly what it is you’re after to share with you and your loved ones.

When you want the highest quality

Choose quality products made from Sterling Silver that will last generations. Supplied with a small cleaning cloth to maintain it’s lustre and shine even when it’s not being worn all the time.

Years of Experience

Creating something that really shines comes from the knowledge gained in working with Art, Design and Jewellery for so many years.

Delivery all around the World

Free Australia Wide delivery included in all orders.

Express Delivery for that rushed gift +$25. 

Flat rate international cost +$40.

Jewellery Artist Claire Girdlestone’s why?…..

From her earliest days, jeweller Claire Girdlestone always made and created things. As she grew, she learned and expanded her interests in the arts, photography and jewellery fields. She dabbled in drawing, painting, pottery, sculpture, sewing, jewellery and as many creative outlets as she could.

After finishing school she completed a Diploma in Jewellery and began to expand her home workshop. Dabbling in this over the years before having her two children.

Her love for art was shared to her children who create and share the same love and interest in creating. Her eldest Zeike has shown amazing control and talent from a very young age and through their drawing together he has developed some amazing skills. You will see samples of his work being used for inspiration.

This as well as the want to be at home and available to her children has given a driving force to create ART to CHARM. Allowing her a creative outlet for herself but also to provide a tangible, personalised experience offering one off pieces for all to enjoy.

Each piece is made to order after carefully discussing what each artwork or words can express. You will work together in choosing the best option for an everlasting piece that makes it shine forever.

3 + 11 =

My website is a work in progress. Please don’t hold it against me, I’m living my best Mum life I can.

So if you’ve got a burning question please send me a message. I’d really love to hear from you.

Cheers Claire xx