Celebrating our children and the memories.

Cherish them now and into the future.

Remember back to when you felt the magic of love. The joy from a partner, child or loved one.

Relationships are the foundation of of our lives, the way we cope, find joy and grow ourselves.

When was the last time you reflected on the joys in your life.

Do you have a sense of gratitude for all the wonderful things going on around you?

How can you celebrate these joys?

Like your family, the special time you spend with them creating memories is so full of love.

Why not continue to feel this love while you hold close to you, your own personalised jewellery.

Here at Art to Charm, I can create a completely personalised gift. We work together to design, plan and articulate the perfect gift that will wow your special loved one.

This is a very special gift that will not only be treasured now but into the future.

When you want all the feels from the gift that keeps on giving choose personalised.

The process is made so simple and easy that it means you have more time doing all the other things.

Here’s how:


Select your ART

This is where it begins. Do you have an image that speaks louder than words. Something your child drew that blew you away.

Loved ones handwriting, a tribute to a special date in time, your partners nickname, footprints of your babies, their date of birth. Anything that you love the look of or you’d like to celebrate can be created.

With just one phone camera image I can create that special jewellery keepsake for you to really celebrate your loved ones.

Gift to yourself, because you deserve it Mum’s or gift to your partner. What ever the occasion this is the gift that will never be forgotten.

Image creation

With your chosen image I give you a selection of options with different layouts for you to choose from.

Once we are happy with the design you like best production in my workshop will begin.

These items are all completely handmade by me in Sterling Silver to the highest standards.

Not one piece is like the next and that is what makes your gift the most unique and unforgettable for your family.



I take your chosen image and transfer it onto Sterling Silver in the exact form you’ve designed with me.

Then an etching process takes place, transferring your image into an eternal form.

Following this the jewellery is created with the fixings you’ve chosen whether it’s cuff links as per these images, pendants, charms, earrings, key rings, brooch or bangles. Other options can be anything your heart desires and your imagination can dream

Finished product

Once created we can really see how truely special these are.

Your gorgeous image is enhanced, blackened and polished to show it’s full potential.

It is now ready for you to wear and enjoy, day in and day out.

Your unique piece will get the attention of all those around you.

This is something you can pass down for generations to come.

Imagine the look on your child’s face when they see their creation being shown off by you. Ahh bliss.

Working with me is as easy as when your baby actually sleeps.

Celebrate these moments and let’s create jewellery you can treasure of this special time.

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