Sharing creativity is easy with ART to CHARM…

Ever wondered what you’d do with that amazing ART your kids have created?

Dreamed of having a way to show off something you or your kids have drawn?

The answer is not to put it away in storage for ever more, but to share with the world in the form of an everlasting, beautiful piece of jewellery.

Simply decide which artwork speaks to you the most and let’s put it on a pedestal for all to see! Email an image to me and I can do the rest to make it speak louder than words!
Sounds simple, well it really is. Touch base to see the potential, you won’t regret it.

Select your ART

This is where it begins. Do you have an image that speaks louder than words.

Now you can take yours with you and enjoy it each and every day? Or share with a loved one.


I take your chosen image and transfer it onto Sterling Silver.

Then the etching process takes place, transferring your image into an eternal form.

Choose how you’d like to wear it and we can make it happen.

Finished product

Your gorgeous image is enhanced, blackened and polished to show it’s full potential.

It is now ready for you to wear and enjoy, day in and day out. Your unique piece will get the attention of all those around you.

This is something you can pass down through generations to come.

Custom Orders

Almost all our works are made to order so simply decide what you want to create and select one from our standard sizes.

Don’t see a size you want. Who cares, let’s make it happen anyway. Once we decided on the form it will take we can determine a price. Then we can begin hand making your one of a kind piece.

Get in Touch