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    Please complete the following details so we can begin designing and creating your order. Once received I will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm the details of your order including design proof sheet, and lead times.
  • Personalised Pendants

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  • How would you like your Pendant to be hung? Choose from either Hidden or Visible. This is where you thread your necklace through on your pendant. If using your own chain from home please in the additional information below give the size of the catch that needs to thread through so I can make the jump ring large enough.
  • You have two options: Select to either have your image flat or have any blank background sections cut out to add depth.
  • Cuff Link & Bracelet

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  • You have five shape options: if unsure I can design what I think would suit best and you can choose from the designs I send you. - The maximum size for bracelet design is 2.5 x 1.5cm rectangle or 2 x 2cm square/round/freeform. Cuff links are 2cm maximum. Larger sizes are possible but pricing would increase. If you want a larger feature then please note that in the additional information section below and we can work out what the best size will be. (This may incur an additional charge).Thanks.
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  • You have two options: Select to either have your image raised and silver in colour or drawings and lines the same as drawings to add depth (have background silver and lines black). Blackened lines with a polished silver background are what most people choose.
  • Now that you've selected the personalisation of your jewellery please upload the image/s you want created to treasure.
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    Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf.
    Simply take a photo with your phone and send it through. Upload images of what it is you'd like created onto your personalised jewellery. Be sure to explain in the additional information field next if there's things you want removed or combined. For example: your handwriting of persons name, drawings, prints or and anything you'd like to include.
  • I request that you please let me know if you are happy for me to use photos of your jewellery from design to finished jewellery to be used in Art to Charm marketing. It is assumed this is acceptable unless you select otherwise. I will only share designs once orders are completed and have been gifted. Don't worry, I wouldn't ruin your surprise.
  • Please add any additional information you would like to let me know when placing the order. Remember I can do anything you're after so be specific and share your ideas and vision. xox Claire
  • Inside the jewellery box will be an image of your final design and a message can also be included. Please include a short message for the receiver. Ideas could include: Happy Birthday ...., Lots of love from .... - Drawn by .... month 2020 - It is nice to include the year and the person so the keepsake has a time and place linked to it sharing its history for future generations. Please type - "no message required" should you wish for no words or message to be included.
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If at any time you have questions please don’t hesitate to just flick me a message. This piece of jewellery we are making together. I want to make sure it’s perfect.