What’s the reason I create personalised jewellery? Well, it’s all about the connections.

As I stepped into the workshop today, I went about my business, creating as I would normally. I always walk in here with a sense of gratitude.

It’s a beautiful space with a great view of my lemon and lime trees, with flecks of yellow and green ripe and juicy goodness staring at me. It’s been raining today, so they look extra special with raindrops covering them.

As I flowed through the steps creating some earrings, I have been wanting to make for quite some time. They are partly done in the design sense but need filing, sanding, shaping, drilling, and polishing before soldering the finishing pieces to combine all the elements.

As I reached across to grab my apron (polishing is dirty work), a feeling of joy and wonderful memories came flooding back.

You see, I had another very special apron hanging on my apron hook. In fact, it was a tool apron for woodworking. This tiny apron was shared between myself and my cousins. It was essential when helping Grandad in his garage. With our screwdriver, saw and ruler, we could do anything!

But why is this so significant?

Because it’s the reason I create personalised and unique jewellery. For the stories, the connections and the heartfelt memories associated with this treasured item.

You see, my Grandad was a carpenter by trade. In his retirement, he enjoyed woodworking and we enjoyed pottering with him in his garden, workshop or anywhere around the house. 

He was an incredible craftsman, building the house he and my Grandma lived in all their married lives. Like, quite literally! Brick by brick, room by room, it grew as their family did.

I hold fond memories of my time in this house, and it evokes so many feelings as I reflect.

Why create personalised jewellery? Here's why...

And that is exactly why I love to create personalised jewellery. It’s moments in time that are being celebrated. Each and every piece is different to the last; just as you are different in the experiences in life, you can also be with your way of treasuring memories.

I freaking love everything about this! 

What’s the reason I create personalised jewellery? Well, it’s all about the connections. 

Real heartfelt moments in time, captured to be celebrated in a physical and tangible way. Unique & personal to you. Oh, my heart. It’s fit to burst.

I really and truly love seeing this apron and the memories it invokes. Special times.

What moment do you wish you could capture to hold close? Tell me in the comments below.

Kids apron for wood working hung on hook with pockets for screwdriver, ruler and mini saw.

Here are some ideas on ways to personalise jewellery.

KIDS ART ONTO JEWELLERY – Take your favourite image, combined with your kid’s handwritten names and let’s get designing.

Line art digital dog portrait, ready to be created onto jewellery by Art to Charm.

HAVE DIGITAL PORTRAIT OF YOUR DOG – Take your family photos of your most loved pet and have them recreated onto jewellery in line art.

Best friends designed their own matching jewellery with initial charms.

CREATE YOUR OWN DESIGNS ON PERSONALISED JEWELLERY – Best friends designed their own matching jewellery with initial charms in sterling silver.

Could you imagine what you might create on keepsake jewellery?

There are many times when the perfect gift can be elusive. Give the gift of LOVE with a piece of personalised jewellery that can be treasured for generations to come.

A gift to suit:

  • Newborn Baby
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Birthday Present
  • New Mum Gift
  • Christmas Present
  • Grandparent Gift
  • Unique Gift Idea