How to get great footprints with paint.

Paint footprints 👣 My top tips for

Super MESSY Fun!

I’m often asked what it takes to create children’s footprints.

Here are some tips that will help you to get the best prints for you to treasure your gorgeous family.

Have you wanted to get your child’s footprints but unsure where to start? Try it for yourself at home by following these tips.
  • 1 – Use water-based paint!

    This is super important so you can wash off once finished. Both the floor and your kid’s feet. 🤪

    (Check your child’s skin sensitivity and any product warning before use.)

  • 2 – Choose an area that doesn’t matter if you make a mess.

    This allows you to relax a little and your kids will feel more comfortable. I highly recommend outside where it can be hosed down if required. 💦

  • 3 – Get a long length of paper they can walk over. 📄

    IKEA has paper by the roll which makes this super fun.

    It also makes the best wrapping paper once finished. #reducereuserecycle

Kids preparing paint to create footprints on paper
  • 4 – Have a stool ready to allow your child sit down. 🪑

    This makes for easy paint application. Either use a sponge, a brush or an ice cream lid with paint on it they can step on. 🖌

    Careful this can be slippery!!!

  • 5 – Have a bucket of water and a towel ready for clean up.

    Sounds simple but I guarantee if you forget this you’ll have prints on more than just the paper to deal with. 😜

 Have fun and remember that getting your kid’s footprints should be relaxed and stress-free as possible.

If it’s not your thing maybe take a different approach. Don’t push it if it’s not working for you. 

In some cases, your child may not like the cold paint on their body.

If they don’t like you applying it, then they may find an ink pad style if taking prints is more for them.

It’s not as messy and fun, but it gets a clear and clean job done. It’s also great for our super mini me’s when they can’t walk yet.

Want more information about ink pad prints, I’ll write up some information soon.

Let me know in the comments below. Have you taken your kid’s prints like this??? Was it a success or an epic fail?

Getting kids footprints - a quick guide
Getting kids footprints - a quick guide
Getting kids footprints - a quick guide
Getting kids footprints - a quick guide
Getting kids footprints - a quick guide

Here are some ideas on what you can do with your child’s footprints once you’ve created them.

CREATE FRAMED PICTURES – Take your footprints paper and put them in a  frame ready to mount on any wall around your house.

USE AS WRAPPING PAPER – Take your prints and use them to wrap your next birthday gift to Mum or Dad.

Footprint pendant on sterling silver

CREATE FOOTPRINT PERSONALISED JEWELLERY – Take a photo of your footprints, and have it recreated onto personalised unique jewellery. A gift for any occasion.

Could you imagine having your child’s precious footprints on keepsake jewellery?

There are many times when the perfect gift can be elusive. Give the gift of LOVE with a piece of personalised jewellery that can be treasured for generations to come.
A gift to suit:
  • Newborn Baby
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Birthday Present
  • New Mum Gift
  • Christmas Present
  • Grandparent Gift
  • Unique Gift Idea


Kids footprints on paper - A quick guide