What is Sterling Silver, how and why you should take care of her?

Well if you’re anything like me, you LOVE your jewellery but she gets a workout during her everyday life.

Last year I went swimming at the local public pool… Wore my sterling silver jewellery and it went black af! Not exactly what was meant to happen. I am so used to my pool at home because it doesn’t affect my jewellery, so when this happened it caught me off guard.

Lesson learnt, no more accessorising at the public pool. Stick with the bathers doing all the talking from now on. Ha!

Things like sunscreen, make-up and just in general being worn while cleaning and you know LIFE, with kids. This all sounds well and good but only if those things in your life don’t have ingredients that affect the actual metal. Most of the time you don’t know until it’s too late. So just be careful.


Sterling silver is an alloy made up from …parts fine silver and … parts other metal. The stamp given onto Sterling Silver is 925. This represents the percentage of fine silver mixed with other alloys. 92.5% Fine Silver + 7.5% of other metals in weight, usually copper makes up the rest of this alloy.

Sterling silver is a soft metal and can get scratched easily. This means you need to be careful when wearing your jewellery and also when cleaning it. Go gently.

So what does that mean for your personalised jewellery from Art to Charm? 

There are all kinds of ways to clean your jewellery from soaking in Coca-Cola to using Tomato Ketchup and they all usually work to some degree but just be mindful they could affect the blackened surface treatment that comes on your Personalised jewellery and you may not end up with the shiny jewellery you’re after. 


Here are my tips for making your jewellery stay looking clean, fresh and shiny for longer.

  • Store your jewellery carefully – I recommend a small seal bag, stored in your jewellery container to stop air getting to it. This will reduce tarnishing when not wearing.
  • Put your jewellery on last – Apply all makeup, sunscreen or skin treatments without your jewellery on and avoid contact where possible. 
  • Don’t expose to chemicals – Avoid wearing jewellery whilst cleaning, or simply protect it by wearing gloves etc.
  • Regularly clean your jewellery – normal household dishwashing liquid and warm water is the best and simplest way to clean. Followed up with a very gentle polish with the cleaning cloth included with your jewellery.

So many things can affect the lustre, colour and surface of your metal so take it easy.

If by some chance you’re wanting to have your Art to Charm jewellery shiny and new and have tried the treatments above and they just aren’t cutting the mustard, then get in touch. 

Don’t run the risk of trying just any old google suggestion and having the surfaces change completely. I want you to enjoy your jewellery for many years to come.

To all my existing customers I welcome you to send your ART to CHARM made jewellery in for a clean, polish and refresh. By paying a small fee, I will have your jewellery looking beautiful once again.  

This should not be required for many years or and if you have altered the metal surface colour by coming into contact with some type of chemical. Email for more information to hello@arttocharm.com.au should you wish me to clean it, and make it bright again.


Cheers and happy wearing, even if in your bikini. Claire